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Toll Free 1-888-685-7685

Toll free 1-888-685-7685

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Our unique finance program has been a game changer for  all our merchants!    

  • No Credit Requirement For Customer Approvals!

  • Direct Pay To The Merchant On All Sales!

  • No Transaction Fees!

  • No Charge Backs! 


Our finance company was founded on the idea of helping hardworking consumers get what they need. Not everybody has a 700 fico score to qualify for a "Synchrony" or "Care Credit" credit card. Our financing option is simple for buyer and secure for the merchant.

Most recently a lot of small businesses did not survive the crisis we all experienced with the national shut down. However we have a very solid solution with our program and It's been working well for many faithful businesses of all sizes, since 1996!

We front our own money for hard working Americans and in turn, businesses that partner up with our program see a 72% increase in sales! Keep in mind, these are sales they'd normally not have due to buyers with bad or no credit score. How is this possible? Your buyers "checking account" must be in good standing and must show a "steady income" in their recent history. All who get approved and are offered the first "90 days same as cash" and an affordable payment plan. Our plans have no hidden fees and they're safe from predatory interest rates. As an added incentive to the buyers; we also help establish and/or re-establish someone's credit by reporting to the credit bureaus when the customer has consistently paid on time.

                                      Enroll with us today and watch your business grow!

B2B Customer Finance


Dental Care

Pest Control



and more..

Q. Will my business get more customers approved through your program than my current finance provider? 

A. Absolutely, We turn anyone else's declined customers into approvals.
We never ask for anyone's social security number because credit scores are not required. Merchants also make an extra 10% on every sale guaranteed. Inquire about this with one of our agents.

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Requirements for your customers approval:

  • Your customers must have a traditional checking account in good standing. 

  • The buyers cannot have any bounced checks or non sufficient funds activity in the past 90 days.

  • Their earnings must be at least equivalent to minimum wage.

Industries we currently serve:

Attorney Services, Auto Repair, Auto Sport Car Modifications, Aquariums, Bail Bonds, Bicycle Sales & Repair, Bridal Dresses, Chiropractors, Collision Repair, Dental, Driving Schools, Engine Rebuilders, Fire Arms, Funeral Homes, Furniture Sales, Dog Training, Garage Door Sales & Repair, EMT Courses, Home Appliance Sales & Repair, Hair Restoration and Extensions, Home Improvement, Kitchen Cabinets, Legal Cases, Mattress Sales, Midwife Services, Med Spa, Musical Instruments, Pest Control, Permanent Make Up Courses & Treatment, Permanent Make up, Plastic Surgery, Plumbing Services, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Tattoo Artistry, Tattoo Removal, Tutors, Vocational Courses, Weight Loss Programs, Window Repair and much more!

Retail Customer Finance is located at:
21213 Hawthorne  Blvd #5527
Torrance CA, 90503
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