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     We pay for referrals!
                       become our affiliate.

Register with as an affiliate to help spread the word about our company. In doing so, we will pay you $40 every time a new business enrolls with a paid membership.
Request an invite to join our affiliate program which costs you nothing. Start by filling out the form below and we'll respond with an automatics email where you'll be given a small advertisement with your unique "sales code" on it (your sales code will be your email address). The "sales code" will identify you as the person who referred the new business to enroll with us. For instance, a "permanent make up artist" that is also a member of  a particular "groups page" you're also a part of will see your post. When they enroll with our service they'll be asked to provide the "sales code". They type in your "email address (the code)" and we'll pay you $40 upon their paid enrollment. It's that simple!
For best results you'll want to post the advertisement provided on a business groups page or blog where you and other business owners are a members for all to see it.
There is no cold calling, no memorizing of pitches or scripts, there's no selling on your part . So simply post it and leave it. That's it. 
To help steer you in the proper direction we've listed Industries and groups pages you'll want to consider joining. When placing our ad in one of these "business groups" pages (like the ones in Face Book) you'll spark the interest of these businesses which is the exact targeted audience:

Auto Repair, Auto Sport Car Modifications, Aquariums, Bicycle Sales & Repair, Chiropractors, Collision Repair, Dental, Driving Schools, Engine Rebuilders, Furniture Sales, Dog Training, Garage Door Sales & Repair, EMT Courses, Home Appliance Sales & Repair, Hair Restoration and Extensions, Home Improvement, Kitchen Cabinets, Musical Instruments, Permanent Make Up Courses & Treatment, Plumber Service, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, Tutors, Vocational Courses, Window Repair.
I'm interested in becoming an affiliate.  

Thanks for submitting!

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