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The Retail Customer Finance Company (The RCFCO) connects merchant retailers of various industries with consumer lending for their customers' purchasing needs. Through this subscription/enrollment, merchant retailers can offer their buyers our finance options as a method of payment for the items or services being sold. Our finance options come from  various lending sources in which we are in partnership. This subscription means  merchants are purchasing online access to a platform which will be used to manage and capture additional sales. 

The recurring subscription/enrollment fee is paid  with a credit or debit card here at this website for the next 12 months.

The price for our subscription is currently  on sale and has been marked down from the regular price of  $699 (plus tax) annually to $499 (plus tax) annually and on a recurring annual cycle. When enrolling during the promotional period you are locked into the "spot price" of the annual recurring amount of $499 (plus tax) until the day you cancel service. Other lending and credit companies such as Amex, Care Credit, Discover Card, Master Card, Synchrony, Visa and your local bank and credit unions typically charge a  "per sale" merchant/transaction fee to the merchant.  We don't charge these fees our enrolled merchants.. The recurring annual membership charge is refundable only within the first thirty days from the start date of service. Notices of cancellation are only  acknowledged with the proper cancelation request which is initiated through the cancelation button/link located at the "about us" section of this website. When canceling this way you will immediately be sent an email with a system generated cancelation number. Once the cancelation number is generated, please keep record of it (for twelve months) to avoid future charges. This cancellation number serves to protect the card holder and is proof of proper cancellation. Please remember to take these steps in the event of needing to cancel service or your cancellation will not be recognized as valid.  We do not accept the following methods for cancellation: emails, phone calls, walk-ins, handwritten letters, voice mails, or certified letters. Simply go to the "about us" section of this website and click on the "terms of use link" to obtain your proper cancellation number. You agree to not dispute the recurring annual subscription/enrollment fee. You have 30 days from the start date of service to request a refund  and you must show that you obtained  the  "proper cancellation number". The cancelation number is automatically generated for you by our system  so be sure to follow the steps for this. The following are not valid reasons for charging back our company: "I canceled", 'I canceled service", "we canceled a long time ago", "previously canceled","canceled service", "formerly canceled", "fraudulent", "fraudulent charge" "unauthorized" unauthorized charge", unauthorized sale "I dont recognize the charge", "I dont remember", I dont remember enrolling", "I didn't request service", "never received service", "I dont remember enrolling", "product never accepted", "product never received", "I never requested service", "I cancelled service", "I never received service". **You must obtain the system generated cancellation number to reverse a charge and to properly cancel service. The following statements are not valid reasons for chargebacks or cancelation and  automatically creates your forfeiture. However there will be no disputing your cancellation with our company when obtaining the proper cancellation number.  Banks and or credit card companies imposing a dispute/chargeback will be given a copy of this agreement along with your wet signature as evidence that you "were and are fully aware" of our terms.  Also please be aware that when a dispute or chargeback occurs, your online account with us will result in temporary or permanent disablement. You will not be able to gain online access to disburse or request any funds set for any sale nor any further applicant submissions. Your online access will stop until all concerns to all parties have been satisfied. Refunds will carry a nine percent charge to the merchant upon the proper cancellation. You must submit applications through your online account every month to avoid a $35 charge. This will be debited from your company's business checking account for that month or each month of non usage. Marketing materials (brochures) will be automatically charged $25 to you and sent via usps. Any reorders of these brochures are free there after.  

By paying the subscription/enrollment fee you are agreeing to the recurring charge for online access. Your buyers/customers will be giving you personal, private and sensitive information which will be given to you by your customers in good faith and not to be copied or misused in any way.You will be held accountable for any improper handling of their private  information.  So please dont leave written notes anywhere containing driver license or routing or account numbers etc. You must destroy or shred this information immediately when you are done with each sale.  You will get instant decisions within a few minutes for every sale but only during business hours. The hours are and days are: Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm pacific standard time. Any submissions after that time frame will have to wait till the next business day. You also agree that you are solely acquiring their personal information for the purpose of your private sale. By connecting your credit or debit card through this  subscription/enrollment you authorize the payment of $499  aswell as the recurring annual fees that follow until the day you "properly cancel" service.

The Subscription Agreement and Terms

SKU: Recurring Annual $499
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
Recuring Annual Fee
$499.00every year until canceled
  • The service being provided to you is an on line account and you are receiving:                         

    1. Passwords for your online access to capture additional sales.              2. No credit score requirement for your customers finance approvals.                     

     3. There are no transaction fees imposed to the merchant on each sale.     

    4. There are no charge backs to the merchant.                                                5. Merchant has very limited to no recourse on customer defaults.                              

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