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Upload your documents.

**Do Not Press The Green Send Button Below Until All 3 Steps Are Completed.**

                                                  Start Here!! 

Step 1. Download the two PDF files by clicking on both A & B. Please print both forms and fill them out by hand. Take clear pictures when done and upload them by using the two red buttons underneath. (Please proceed to step 2. before clicking on the Green send button)


Click Here To Upload File A.


Click Here To Upload File B.
Step 2. Take pictures of a voided check (or last months summary statement), your drivers license and a picture of your business. Then upload them using these red buttons. Then proceed to step 3.
Picture Of Your Business
Voided Check Or Statement
Driver License
Business License Or EIN
(Please proceed to step 3. before clicking on the Green send button)
Step 3. Who is your assisting representative?
You are now ready to submit all uploaded documents.  By clicking on the green send button you will now submit all required documents on this page. 
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